Who We Are?
  • An online fashion platform
  • Group of creative stars & persons from practical grounds
  • Most moved Indian youth, who loves to make others fashionably represent-able
  • A team who loves to impart satisfaction to their customers
  • Proud Trendsetters
  • Who breed new styles for everyone
  • Welcomes kickass talent from the corners of the Universe
Upload Your Resume Here Why You Will Love To Join Us?
  • We are amongst the best at ONLINE FASHION SHOPPING in India
  • Love listening to ideas (even if you’re one of the back-benchers!)
  • Doesn’t follow strict hierarchy system (join the CEO over coffee at any time)
  • Find a friendly culture (& planet’s most funny bones here)
  • You will not be our employee but our new family member. So Hola!
  • You can bring your lovely accessories here.

What We Have To Offer?
  • Interesting perks & sums
  • Guidance to climb up the ladder of your career
  • Opportunities to bloom your talent & Wide KRAs
  • Bean bags for your work (reserved for talented creative buffs)
  • Open sessions with the management
  • Flexible Timings
  • A candour environment
  • Unlimited cups, of course with coffee & Tea & Water.

Our Culture

Our Company culture is one that is “flat, open & creative”. Bridaal is a fashion platform that is full of fun and dedicated to make our customers happy. Our great / right culture promotes happy employees, which ultimately leads to happy customers. We have friendly co-workers and a team oriented environment in which each person is motivated by the company’s goals.

Open Communication

It is all about an open environment where contributions are not only welcomed but encouraged each and every day. That’s why we welcome new Ideas & Innovation.

Great Leadership

Here you will get a chance to work closely with the management. Helping employees and offering solid guidance and vision promotes the chances of winning & influencing people.


People are friendly, coordinate & respectful. Here we work with fun, for satisfaction & happiness while sitting on a bean bag! (Just like that!).

Purposeful Mission
Here we focus on what is meaningful. Everyone must know what they are working on, why they are working on.